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The Inquisitive Meridian is an international journal [ISSN 2347-6257] (2013) and is currently recognised and admired as a brand in academics, research and publishing. It functions as a platform for brilliant minds from all discipline to promote research and innovation in the field of law, technology and e-commerce.

Aim: Encourage, monitor and promote research in the field of Science, Technology, Law and E-commerce.

Mission: To promote quality research and inculcate interest in the field of law, science and e-commerce.

Besides promoting research and innovation, we also believe that a student must be aware about all the recent developments in the society and we keep them updated by posting current affairs and opportunities for students on our website. Please check our 'event eye' page on the right-upper side of website. We look forward for your support in achieving our aim to promote quality research in various disciplines.

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Call for Papers: Submission Closed.


Call For Papers: Volume 3: Issue 1: Technologies in Legal Industry 'Legal Tech': Submit by 7th August, 2020 [Updated]

Call For Papers: Volume 3: Issue 2: Clean Technologies and Impact on Environment: Submit by 7th August, 2020 [Updated]

Call For Papers: Volume 3: Issue 3: Impact of COVID-19 on Businesses Globally: Submit by 7th August, 2020 [Updated]